When A Woman Doesn’t Respect A Man


In Got Respect 1.0, I zeroed in on statement in the song made popular by Percy Sledge.  “When a Man Loves a Woman” —— “she can do no wrong.”  For the most part that is true except for one thing.  Not talking about adultery.  Committing adultery is a woman’s unpardonable sin.  But for a man there is a sin even above adultery that is harder for her to recover from.

When a woman does not respect a man is the one thing, the one line that a woman cannot cross safely.

You see last time we talked about how deep a man’s love is for a woman in contrast to popular demand.  Usually when we think of the vastness of love and who loves harder it is attributed to a woman.  We could debate about who loves more.  Personally I don’t think it is possible for one to love MORE than the other but there are times where love is not 100% mutual.  In other words she may be at 90% and he may be at 40% but the most either one of them can give is 100%.


Notice something that we talked about before.

God commands the Husband to love his Wife unconditionally.


God NEVER commands the Wife to love her Husband unconditionally.

God commands the Wife to RESPECT her Husband unconditionally.
i.e. respect his position as her head.

It is not a if he deserves it kind of thing.   It is a because of the role that God has given him and you have chosen to acknowledge and accept by becoming his wife kind of thing.

Remember “Love Honor and Obey”

Before God and all those witnesses you said “I DO”

Did you know what you were saying I DO too?


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