Watching Family Matters TV


Watching Family Matters TV with my 10 year old (because clean wholesome Family oriented viewing is far and few between these days) but just watching Urkle’s interaction with Laura I was reminded of some of my younger days of disappointment.

I remember one Laura who wouldn’t give me the time of day for our first 3 years of high school. I wasn’t really pursuing her but she used to treat me like a Steve. I don’t remember exactly how but our Senior year I managed to get her number and we started talking. After a couple of months of pleasant conversation, I asked her to go to prom with me and she agreed. She stood me up and even though we both ended up at the prom, we weren’t together and because of her friends, she even acted like she didn’t know me or had not been talking on the phone with me for the last couple of months. 🙁

I remember another Laura that I really really liked. I recently bumped into her at a function and we were reminiscing about school daze. I said something about how she played me to the left and she tried to tell me “she had no idea that I liked her in school.” WHAAAA??? REALLY??? – Like that is the story you are going to go with? The WHOLE school knew it. I mean like all couple of thousand of them. :/

She knew!

I wasn’t quite as bad as Steve but when I return to the town I went to High School in and bump into some of those Laura’s I used to chase, I am always amused at how at they react when they see the man I have become today. More than a few have expressed regret for not taking me seriously because compared to some of the knuckleheads they played me to the left for who used and abused them and even some of the ones the ended up married to and now divorced from, I was clearly the one who got away. I just smile and think to myself -Yes Yes – It could of have been you I’m taking selfies with today….

But today, when I hear ladies complain about the shortage of “GOOD MEN,” I always want to interrupt them and ask, so how many Urkles have you trampled on without a second thought? 🙂

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