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James Fortune & FIYA


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Listening to James Fortune & FIYA testimony about his journey through domestic violence I learned that there are 19 forms of abuse. Physical and Emotional being two of the more prominent ones.

Another one that has become a more recent from women is Financial abuse. Meaning the wife makes more than the husband and uses money as a weapon when disagreements arise. Believe it or not, the system has been stacked against the success of the Black Man.

I know there are people out there that would tell you that there is no such thing as conspiracies. That Black men are just whining and complaining about “The Man.” But there are and it starts as early as the fourth grade as our test scores are reviewed to decided how many new prisons should be built. It’s called the school to prison pipeline. Not being encouraged to excel in school or make the grades to go to higher levels of education results in lower paying jobs. Even with higher education levels the job market still has a steel ceiling. OR without solid male guidance in the home, dumb legal mistakes that are all to ready to invite him into the system which hardens the steel ceiling.

Sound like disconnected rhetoric and self-defeating pity. Ladies don’t turn a blind eye to struggle of Black men like White people turn a blind eye to racism.

I’m thinking that this phenomenon has direct ties to the feminist movement but



The Man
The Man


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