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Last month my neighbor went to complain to her mother!

*Daughter:* Mom, I cannot stand my husband. I want to kill him but I don’t have the courage to do it, can you help me? Please!

*Mother:* Yes honey, I know exactly what to do but there is a small problem. You will have to make peace with him first so that no one will suspect you for his death. You have to be so good and kind to him, take care of him and cater to him that the last thing he told his friends was how lucky he was to have you.

Be respectful romantic, grateful, patient, loving, submissive to him. See him as your King not your subject… be less selfish, more just, listen to him, get rid of all the hate you have for him in your mind, don’t nag or criticize him.

My daughter, I know it’s sound crazy but you can do it, so don’t doubt yourself. Work starts this evening. Can you do it?

*Daughter:* Yes Mom, anything to finally be rid of him.

*Mother:* Ok, it’s …. Well, take this white powder which is what you need to kill him slowly. Every day, you just pour a little in his food and he will die slowly.

*After 30 days, Daughter returned to give feedback to her Mother.*

*Daughter:* Mom, I’ve changed my mind, I really no longer want to kill my husband anymore. He is soo romantic, loving and a caring person. For some strange reason, he’s changed and became more loving than ever before. Is there anything I can do to counteract the poison?

*Mother:* Hahahahahaha

*Daughter:* Why are you laughing? Is it too late to save my husband’s life?

*Mother:* No, my dear!. You don’t have to worry. What I gave to you was cassava flour. He will not die.

In reality, the poison was in you. When you harbor hatred and resentment in you, it kills you slowly even more than a poison, so I had to work on you first to work on your husband.

*Daughter:* Hmmmmmm.

Thank You!

The Man
The Man


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