Love is not “IF or “BECAUSE.”


So many times I hear ladies say “IF a man would do this or that or treat me this way or that way then I would abc or xyz.

It is very interesting to note the resounding “Amens” that are yelled out when statements are made about how a Man should love his Woman and love her unconditionally. If you pay close attention, even men will quietly agree with the statements made. Especially if she is sitting next to him. 🙂

But when statements are made about how a Woman should respect her Man then all of these conditions suddenly come into view about how he has to earn it and be gentle, act respect worthy and be kind, have a j.o.b. and provide a certain lifestyle and show compassion etc. etc.

Expecting Unconditional Love and providing Conditional Respect is NOT what God had in mind.

Love is not “IF or “BECAUSE.”


and RESPECT should be too.

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