Wives, Remember…


Wives: Remember you are your husband’s “suitable helper.” Gen 2:18. A virtuous wife doesn’t seek to take over her husband’s priestly role; neither is she threatened by his leadership position.

Instead a virtuous wife takes joy in honoring her husband and elevating him to his rightful position. While ordinary wives belittle or disrespect their husbands; a virtuous wife praises and protects her husband’s image and reputation.

A virtuous wife takes great pride in her sacred “suitable helper” position and does everything in her power to help her husband become all that God wants him to be.

Because she knows she is his “suitable helper” a virtuous wife doesn’t waste time complaining about her husband’s faults and weakness. Instead she gets on her knees and prays for her husband.

There’s no perfect husband.

Every man needs a “Virtuous Suitable Helper.”

Pray “Lord make ME a “Virtuous Suitable Helper. Amen”

Together4Ever – Isaac Kubvorun

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