Do you require more than God?


Do you require more than God?

1st John 1:9 says If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

God is the creative force in the universe.

He said LET THERE BE LIGHT and there WAS light.

Then he snapped and the dust from His fingers spread out as the galaxies in the universe.

Then He rounded the air in a circle between His hands and bowled the planets into existence.

He spat out the 7 seas.

Blinked His eyes and created the wind.

Cleared His throat and the thunders shook the earth.

Then He dipped His paint brush on His tongue and painted a picture of life on one of those planets and the animals walked, flew and swam out of the canvas of trees and flowers that he drew.

Then He stood on the sea shore, peered down at that calm crystal clear blue water, looked at Himself and then stooped down and formed a miniature image of Himself.

Then He gave it mouth to mouth recitation and breathed into that little image the breath of life and named that statue Adam meaning man.

But then He said “it is not good that man be alone.” (we could stop right there) 13133299_10206425570578302_3290915163491148641_n
but that is another post…

But He continues and says “I will make him a helpmeet.”

And then He rocks his newborn baby, Adam to sleep in His arms and proceeds to perform the first open heart surgery and brings EVE to life.


Yet the GOD who possess the power to do ALL THAT only requires I’M SORRY when we have done him wrong. No matter how great or small the offense 1st John says If we just say I’M SORRY

He forgives us but not only forgives, He cleanses us meaning He treats us as if we never did it.

Not if we cry, bring flowers, clean up, buy gifts, change, stop, don’t, go, do, does, and did to say we are sorry.

just – I’M SORRY

Do you require more than GOD?

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