One of the hardest things about marriage for men is the fear of the unknown. Everything from the horror stories of unhappy people to the negative portrayal of marriage in the media is enough to make many men never want to say “I Do.”

Having a wife who will protect his heart, keep his secrets, and embrace his flaws is priceless to a husband.

I honestly believe that men desire companionship & commitment on the same level as women but aren’t always as willing to take a chance on love. Well fellas, if you choose wisely in a wife, I hope you will experience these things in your marriage.

1. He should experience a judgment free place to be vulnerable

Pride is such a silent killer for many men but many times that pride is a result of not wanting to be judged by women. Married men should be able to enjoy the power and relief that comes with having a person in their corner that gives them an emotional safe haven.

Having a wife who will protect his heart, keep his secrets, and embrace his flaws is priceless to a husband.

2. He should experience a great sex life

Surprise, surprise…there is the ‘S’ word again. Having a great sex life isn’t just about the quantity of sex but quality as well; it’s the connection that comes with true and consistent intimacy.










It’s also about being wanted and desired and having a mate who isn’t afraid to take some initiative as well as be open and creative sexually.

3. He should experience being treated like a priority and not an accessory

One of the number one complaints from married men is that all of their wife’s time goes to everything else but him. Many men feel like they get their wive’s emotional leftovers and physical sloppy seconds.

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Men need to feel honored and desired in order to thrive and they look for that from their wives. Men want to be treated like more than a husband in name only.  Instead they want to be treated like a VIP.

4. He should experience having a secure wife

It is very hard to make an insecure woman feel secure. It can be exhausting having to constantly play the reassurance game (assuming he isn’t giving any reasons to not be trusted). A secure wife is such a blessing because having her trust makes everything easier.

5. He should experience a peaceful home

Being able to come to a peaceful home for a man is a gift from God. A man’s home is his sanctuary and when he has a wife that understands that and keeps the environment less chaotic he can then refresh, refocus, relax, & recharge.

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Wives usually set the tone in a house and if that tone is one of peace and harmony then the family thrives!

6. He should experience a wife you can always have fun with

Yes life happens and responsibilities happen but if a couple stops having fun together the relationship is doomed. There is nothing better than being able to enjoy experiences, laughter, activities, and memories with a wife.

Being able to continue to date your wife and actually enjoy each other’s company is something men should always be able to enjoy with their wives.

What are some other experiences men should be able to enjoy in their marriages?


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