Ladies do you really know?

It is a question that every woman seems to ask but never comes away with a definitive answer.  I was reading some comments in a group about the power of the P.  Coming from a woman I was kind of shocked by the realness of her comments.  There are not to many times where I read/heard a woman be that objective about the subject.

Basically she said that all women have good “stuff” to someone.  WOW!

That may seem like it is rather trivial but if you stop to think about it, it is really profound.  When
All men want to be respected, accepted and believed in.
When we don’t feel respected we look at you with different eyes no matter how much we love you
If we don’t feel accepted or enough for you we pull back
And if you don’t believe and support us or make us feel u do we completely shut down and slowly become resentful
We want to feel needed and to be the one..


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