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Respect Not Reject


The most ‪#‎confident‬ man in the world will become very self conscious and‪#‎insecure‬ if he continues to experience rejection.

When you’re feelings have been ‪#‎hurt‬ you tend not to want to be touched or talked to or have sight of the one who hurt you. But here’s a secret.

He really wants to fix it.

Men are fixers remember? He already knows that he messed up. Before you stop fuming, he’s already thinking about where the closet flower shop is.

But because he knows he messed up he will put little feelers out there. He may try to catch eye contact with you. He’s looking for ‪#‎reassurance‬ that even though he has messed up that you still ‪#‎love‬ him bunches and that you’re just mad at him for the moment.

If you squint your eyes or turn up your nose in disgust, he will interpret that in the worst possible way. And no matter how confident he is, if he doesn’t think he can fix it, he wont even try.

He might reach out his hand to ‪#‎touch‬ yours. If you jerk it way like he has the coodies, you will kill his drive to fix it.

Notice I didn’t say his ‪#‎desire‬ to fix it but his ‪#‎drive‬.


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