So in talking with a couple of friends about R.I.P. the term Male Chauvinist came up.

12472816_10205929637300280_5532798631565423101_nDISCLAIMER: I am NOT a male chauvinistic

However, I AM of the male species so I can’t help but to give my thoughts from a male perspective. Now you can take the easy way out and choose like most women to be easily offended by them OR you can take the road less traveled and use my insight into the male brain to learn how to deal with the strange creatures that you call men.

This project is a journey of discovery in communication. Women complain a lot about how men should communicate more. Well, while I am not claiming to speak for ALL men, I am representing men in general and I am attempting to communicate. That being said….

I also don’t believe God is a male chauvinist

But although God is a Spirit and Spirits have no gender – God is ONLY referred to and even self-identifies as a He.


and it has nothing to do with strengthening the lie and abuse of power that a man is superior in intelligence or ability to a woman.

Respect In Peace


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